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Karen A. Wright, LMT,NMT


132 Great Road, Suite 103
Stow, MA 01775

Across from the Stow Shopping Center on Rt.117 and Rt.62

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What's an Hour Plus (80 minutes)? How do the hours work?
The client should plan on being at the office for 1 1/2 hours. This is the most common session length at WrightTouch massage and is the recommended minimum for a full body therapeutic massage. Other options are:
20 Minute Session - The client should plan on being in the office 1/2 hour. This can be an effective treatment for minor shoulder, neck and upper back tightness.
45 Minute Session - The client should plan on being at the office for 1 hour. This length session is usually used for specific area treatments.
1 1/2 Hour Plus (105 minutes) Session - . The client should plan on being at the office for 2 hours.

What should I expect when I come in for my first session? When you arrive for your first massage or bodywork appointment, you first fill out a brief medical history form and discuss it with the massage therapist to determine your needs and to decide which type of massage therapy or bodywork is appropriate for you. (If you have major medical problems, it's recommended that you first discuss with your physician if massage will be appropriate for you). Techniques may range for very light to very deep pressure depending upon your preferences and needs. Therapeutic massage or bodywork may be for relaxation only or to help alleviate pain or injuries. Your massage may be performed through clothing or directly on your skin (always with appropriate draping). It is most important that you feel comfortable. Movement and Cranio-Sacral therapy work is usually performed with the client in loose fitting, comfortable clothes.

I want to get a gift certificate for a full body relaxation massage. Which certificate do you suggest? An 80 Minute, Hour Plus session is usually recommended (please see above).





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